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skinstitut beauty products available from Renew Skin and Body

Skinstitut Products

Gentle Cleanser

For all skin types, especially delicate and sensitive skin

■ Non-irritating, replenishing and calming cleanser
■ Gentle enough to use pre/post skin procedures
■ Softens, purifies and hydrates dry, hyper-sensitive skins

L-Lactic Cleanser

For all skin types, especially dry and irritated

■ Deeply hydrates and nourishes
■ Exfoliates and decongests
■ Reduces irritation and sensitivity
■ Strengthens skin integrity

Glycolic Cleanser 12%

For most skin types, except red, irritated or sensitive

■ Exfoliates and decongests for a softer, smoother skin
■ Antibacterial Tea Tree oil
■ Intense and deep cleansing

Enzymatic Micro Peel

For all skin types, especially dry, dehydrated and sensitive

■ Ultra gentle skin exfoliation for a smoother, brighter complexion
■ Hydrates, softens, refreshes and revitalises
■ Perfect for use after clinical treatments, such as IPL, laser, chemical peels, skin needling and microdermabrasion to remove dry, rough or peeling skin

Glycolic Scrub 14%

For most skin types. except red, irritated or sensitive

■ Controlled skin exfoliation, assisting in skin renewal
■ Invigorating jojoba beads buff skin surface
■ Efficiently removes clogging oils
■ Skin looks and feels refreshed and clean

Multi-Active Mist

For dehydrated, sensitive and ageing skin

■ Deeply hydrates and nourishes
■ Reduces irritation and sensitivity
■ Improves skin radiance, texture and tone
■ Increases general resistance to daily stress
■ Neutralises free radicals and reduces inflammation

Even Blend Serum

For all skin types, especially pigmented

■ Reduces the appearance of uneven tone caused by sun exposure, skin inflammation or hormone imbalance
■ Exfoliates and smooths for a softer & more refined skin texture
■ Addresses age spots, skin discolouration and brightens uneven skin tone resulting in a more luminous and radiant complexion


For most types, especially aged, break-out and pigmented

■ Contains (SYN®-AKE) and peptides
■ Encapsulated advanced delivery system
■ Retinol is a form of Vitamin A that promotes cell renewal in the skin by increasing collagen and elastin production. Skin appears smoother with a clearer, lifted and more even skin tone

Moisture Defence – Dry

For mature, dry skin

■ Non-greasy, rich moisturiser to hydrate dry skin, smooth and reduce the appearance of wrinkles
■ Contains Purisoft®, a natural peptide that protects against free radical damage and pollutants
■ Contains Kakadu Plum extract, a rich antioxidant
■ Softens, smooths and moisturises
■ Humectant and emollient, stimulating water within the skin and trapping the benefits creating a comfortable, hydrated and radiant looking skin

Age Defence SPF 50+

For all skin types and conditions

■ Advanced chemical and physical hybrid moisturiser
■ Protects against UVA and UVB induced premature ageing and skin damage
■ UVA and UVB protection is the most important part of any anti ageing strategy
■ Suitable for sensitive skin and post dermal therapy modalities
■ May assist with the prevention of skin cancer, UV induced pigmentation and sun damage
■ Protects against dehydration and premature ageing
■ Light, hydrating and antioxidant cream

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