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What is Venus Swan?

Venus Swan promotes NATURAL SKIN HEALING by harnessing the power of Magnetic Pulses Technology and Radio Frequency. It delivers a COMPLETELY SAFE and RISK FREE treatment which is clinically proven to improve dermal micro-circulation and growth of new collagen while not harming your skin.

Treatments with Venus Swan are up to 3 TIMES FASTER than any other technology and results are often visible after the first session. Completely PAIN FREE, the Venus Swan delivers measurable results with a relaxing massage-like experience.

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The Venus Swan Comparison Price List

1 session
8 sessions
8 sessions
Arms $100 $800 $1,500
Buttocks $150 $1,200 $2,200
Full Abs $120 $960 $1,500
Lower Abs $100 $800 $1,200
Full Face $100 $800 $2,000
Full Face & Neck $150 $1,200 $2,500
Neck $70 $560 $1,200
Thighs Front & Back $240 $1,920 $2,800
Thighs Front or Back $120 $960 $2,200


For optimum results, it is usually recommended that you book 8 sessions through Jenny, who will make a recommendation at your consultation.
Receive 20% DISCOUNT if you book more than one area. If you find a better price for the Venus Swan Jenny will match it!


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